The WCBA saw a need for representation in the community for those who could not afford legal counsel. In April of 2009 the members moved forward and launched the WCBA Pro Bono Program. Prior to this time, a number of WCBA attorneys accepted pro bono appointments when the need arose, even though the program was not formerly implemented. Vicky Coyle, chair of the PBA Legal Services to the Public Committee and executive director of North Penn Legal Services, applauded the WCBA effort. “This report, and its plan for future pro bono, is an excellent strategic approach to pro bono, especially for a county with a small bar,” said Coyle. Over the last few years, the PBA Pro Bono Office has worked with Coyle, Wayne County attorneys Richard Henry and Scott Bennett, the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network and IOLTA to conduct local pro bono continuing legal education. David Trevaskis, PBA pro bono coordinator, said “it is exciting to see the efforts of so many bear fruit for the neediest among those in Wayne County. The leadership of Judge Raymond L. Hamill and attorneys Henry and Bennett is to be commended!”